Dec 10, 2019 - From A to Z, We Answer Your Burning Questions About Rotor Blades! | Helicopter Rotor Repair, Vancouver

Rotor blades are among the most important parts of your helicopter. If you experience any problems with your rotors, it can lead to dangerous flights and potential accidents, so they should be addressed as soon as possible. RotorLink offers timely rotor blade replacements in Delta, BC at great prices and boasts a team of experienced professionals that can assist with all your helicopter needs. We also feature a variety of blades from top-notch manufacturers for sale. 



Here’s a look at some of the most common questions about helicopter rotor blades to give you everything you need to know!


How Much Does a Rotor Blade Cost?

Rotor blades are an incredibly important part of your helicopter and are integral to its function, so they can be quite expensive. The cost generally depends on the model of the helicopter you are buying for. For example, a single rotor for a Bell helicopter can potentially cost up to $100,000 and depending on the model, a helicopter can feature anywhere from 2 to 4 of these blades, making it a very expensive endeavour to replace your helicopter’s rotor blades! 


How Do Rotor Blades Work?

Helicopters are unique aerial vehicles that feature spinning wings called rotors. These blades spin at high speeds to create a force called lift that allows the helicopter to rise in the air. The lift generated from the blades supports the vehicle’s weight and provide forward velocity to move through the sky. Once in the air, the rotors act much the same way that plane wings do- they are the main source of movement in the air. The rotor provides the pilot with control that allows the helicopter to move laterally, make turns and adjust their altitude. To handle all of these tasks, the rotor must be incredibly strong and able to adjust the angle of the rotor blades with each revolution they make.


In addition to rotors on top, helicopters also feature tail rotors and they allow the helicopter to move in various directions. The more rotor blades a helicopter has, the more lift it can generate to get it in the air and help keep it there.


What Are Rotor Blades Made From?

Rotor blades can be made from a variety of tough metals, including titanium, steel, or aluminum. These metals are used because they are durable and able to provide strength and integrity necessary to provide the helicopter with enough lift to get into the air. However, these types of rotor blades have a massive disadvantage: if a metal blade is chipped or scratched, it can lead to rotor failure and accidents with very little notice.


In addition, there are also composite blades constructed from a wooden interior with thin metal on the outside simulating a skin, or protective layer. These provide an advantage over traditional metal blades since they are able to provide ample warning of problems because of the thin outer layer-it’s very easy to tell when it becomes damaged.


What Problems Can Rotor Blades Experience?

Rotor issues can endanger your flight and should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent accidents. Some common issues that impact rotor blades are standard wear-and-tear, cracks or chips, and balance issues. Any damage to the rotors can affect performance and make air maneuverability more difficult. Rotor balance affects engine and flight performance and can result in an increase in vibrations during flight, making for a bumpy ride.


What Should I Do if My Rotor Blades Are Damaged?

There are two primary solutions if your rotor blade is damaged. Depending on the extent of the damage you may have to get the rotor replaced. If the damage is slight to moderate, you may be able to have the rotor repaired and it can be refitted onto the helicopter for use. 


However, if the damage is extensive, you may need to replace your rotor blade completely. If your blades are damaged or you require replacements, get in touch with our team today. RotorLink offers a wide range of services to support our clients in the rotor wing industry, including parts repair and replacement. We understand that aircrafts tend to break down when it’s most inconvenient, so we stock and source a wide variety of parts for all your needs..

Our years of experience supplying replacement parts have given us insight into the unique and variable needs of helicopter operators. Contact us today to find the right parts for you!

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