Sep 25, 2019 - The Ultimate Guide To Rotor Blades: Key Issues That No One Really Talks About

When it comes to helicopters, the first thing people picture is the sleek, fast and impressive facade that these air crafts conjure up. What many people don’t question is the technical inner-workings of the copter that make the magic happen!



When a copter takes flight, it depends on four aerodynamic forces; drag, thrust, lift, and weight to stay in the skies. 


Have you ever wondered how the rotors on a helicopter work? The rapid spinning of the rotors creates a force called the lift that aids the helicopter’s rise into the air. These rotors are designed to perform in the same manner that an airplane’s wings do. In addition to the top rotors, the rear rotors are able to face different directions, letting the copter move forward, backward and sideways. 


As you can probably tell by now, these rotor blades are very essential to your copter’s performance. In this article, as explore certain preventative measures to keep them in peak condition. We also reveal what you must do if you require a rotor blade replacement in Delta BC or an emergency rotor blade replacement in Vancouver


Corrosion Prevention

There are quite some tactics you can use to avoid or delay the impact of corrosion on your rotor blades. The most affordable way is to give them a good wash with a mild non-corrosive soap. If you operate in a coastal or tropical climate, it is essential that you take these extra steps to safeguard your copter. 


All you need to do is perform a daily wash and follow this up by applying anti-corrosion materials. For safety’s sake, make sure you double-check the manufacturer’s manual to make sure the products you’re using are pre-approved for that particular make and model. 


For non-metallic rotors, apply the same process to the metal fasteners or weights. Ensure that you steer clear of waxy or oily products. 


Timely Inspections

If you notice that something is amiss with your rotors, don’t hesitate. Your safety is always a priority. When a defect, such as a crack for instance, is identified and sorted out early on, it can save you a world of problems in the future.


Even the most seemingly innocent crack can eventually result in significant structural damage. Moreover, a minor groove in the trailing side of the metal blade can expand chordwise and cause the blade to fail. A timely inspection routine is your saving grace. 


At RotorLink, our team of experienced professionals has the skills to restore your blades to optimal performance. We may use various tactics like eddy current, dye penetrant and X-rays to assess and fix the damage. 


Balance Issues

To have an enjoyable and problem-free ride in your copter, you need the right balance and track. If, for no conceivable reason, you suddenly notice a vibration or shift in the balance while flying your helicopter, there just might be some damage in the blade. It could have even taken on moisture or water. 


This endangers your flying and should be addressed without delay. RotorLink offers timely repairs at amazing quotes. We also source a variety of blades from top-notch manufacturers to get them to you as soon as possible. We’re standing by! Call us at (604) 628-8188 for a great quote today. 


Paint Jobs

Every now and then, even the copter’s paint can affect the balance. No, we’re not kidding! If the paint has been misapplied, there are quite some helicopter models that are sensitive to an imbalance and, as a result, might not track the right way. 


Call in a Professional

Sometimes, all your rotors need is a professional eye. RotorLink provides repairs and replacements at a moment’s notice for Bell and Airbus/Eurocopter parts. We work with an extensive network of suppliers to make the process as easy for you as possible. All parts are certified and warrantied and are sold at or below market value. 


Need an Emergency Replacement for a Faulty Part?

That’s our cue! RotorLink offers innovative solutions for all aspects of the rotor wing industry. 

You can’t afford to be sidetracked by mechanical problems. Our goal is to get you back in the air as soon as possible. That’s why we work closely with you to find the parts you need. Our commitment to customer service and total logistics support makes this possible.

Contact us to get quality parts without those frustrating delays!


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