Aircraft // AS350BA Part Out

AS350BA Part Out

Airbus AS350BA For Sale
We're parting out this non incident related AS350BA
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Onboard Cargo Swing Load Cell (Sold)
High Back Seats, High Skid Gear, Bear Paws
Eurocopter Airframe Fuel Filter Kit, Dart Passenger Access Steps, Cargo Mirror,
FDC Filter
LH Utility Basket (Sold)

FM Transceiver NPX-138, 406 ELT
Garmin 500 GPS, Garmin SL40 VHF, GMA347 Audio Panel
Garmin GTX325 Transponder, DVI300 Controller, IASAT200A Datatrac
DG, Attitude Indicator

Updated June 6, 2021


Serial Number 2201
TSN 21129.00

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