Aircraft // EC120B Part Out/Project

EC120B Part Out/Project

We're parting out an EC120B
C533C3206101 RH Anti Torque
C533C3207101 LH Anti Torque
C621A1006103 Main Rotor Blades
C623A1110057 Swashplate
C622A0101058  Main Rotor Head
C632A0101052  Epicyclic
C632A0201053 Main Module
C652A0101055 Tail Gearbox
C642A0101052 Tail Rotor Hub
Servos, fuel cells, MEB, VEMD and so much more
Call for more information

Uploaded April 12, 2021


Serial Number 1491
TSN 5684.8
YOM 2007

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