Jul 03, 2024 - Helicopter Replacement Parts Bell, Leonardo, Agusta Westland

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) posted a notification regarding parts for Agusta Bell (AB) Helicopters and their Bell equivalents that led to the inappropriate intermixing of parts between the two helicopter types. Ensure that you have not confused any parts, and feel free to contact us for advice and spare part replacements.

Only parts manufactured under the control of the Type Certificate Holder (TCH) are eligible for installation on their respective helicopters. If a part does not meet these criteria, it must be replaced with one that conforms to the TCH holders’ requirements. Parts produced by or for Leonardo (formerly Agusta Westland) are not eligible for installation on Bell-manufactured helicopters. New parts produced by Bell under their production approvals can only be used on AB206 and AB412 civil registered aircraft if they are released with an FAA Form 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval Tag. Except for the AB206 and AB412, original Bell Helicopter components are only eligible for installation on AB products if supplied or authorized by Agusta (now Leonardo) and released with an EASA Form 1.  

Helicopters must comply with their applicable Type Certificate, be fitted with correctly configured conforming parts, and be maintained according to the correct Instructions for Continuing Airworthiness (ICA) as specified by the Type Certificate Holder. Failing to ensure the helicopter is correctly configured and maintained will result in an unairworthy aircraft, invalidating its Certificate of Airworthiness. For the continued airworthiness of the in-service fleet, as mentioned in the SIL, an Airworthiness Directive (AD) issued by the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Department of Transport of Canada (TCCA) for the Bell 206 and by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the Bell 412 regarding parts produced by or for Bell, will generally have a corresponding EASA AD for the AB fleet. However, each organization must comply with the applicable regulations to ensure all relevant ADs are captured and actioned. 

We have the expertise to support you through the entire lifetime of your aircraft, from purchase to maintenance to repair. By keeping your helicopter operating at peak performance and in utmost safety for as long as possible, you’ll avoid loss of productivity and reduction of service to your clients, and protect your bottom line.

In case of any discrepancy between the information provided here and that published by the respective Type Certificate Holder, the information from the Type Certificate Holder takes precedence. Contact us to discuss your Bell 212, Leonardo, and Agusta Westland part requirements. With global shipping and an extensive network of suppliers, RotorLink is the world's leading provider of helicopter replacement parts and is ready to assist with your helicopter needs.

RotorLink sources a wide range of Bell-approved replacement parts for over 23 aircraft models. Our offerings include:

* Main Rotor Hub: EXTEX main rotor hub parts for military and commercial aircraft.

* Mast Assembly: Critical Bell Helicopter mast assemblies.

* Scissor and Sleeve Assembly: Bearings, collective sleeves, and trunnions.

* Swashplate Assembly: Bearings and ring assemblies for swashplates, built to the latest specifications.

* Tail Rotor Hub: Bearings and idler assemblies.

* Tail Rotor Gearbox: Bearings and shafts essential for anti-torque function.

* Transmission: Bearings, bolts, and more for Bell transmissions.

We ensure reliable solutions to keep your helicopters flying safely.

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