Sep 15, 2020 - Helicopter Maintenance: How to Prepare for Winter Operations | Helicopter Rotor Repairs, Canada

RotorLink is here to get you winter ready, providing helicopter repairs in Canada to meet your high standards. We offer new and used helicopter parts within Canada and also provide helicopter rotor blade replacement in Canada, giving you the best in helicopter service.



Review Your OEM and Run a Routine Check

Looking at the guidance for cold-weather operations is a great first step. Most OEMs have guidance published that relates to operations when the weather outside is at or below freezing temperatures. Doing a routine check can seem obvious but it is necessary to make sure everything on your helicopter is operating in good shape and running smoothly. 


Check-in on Your Oil and Battery

Make sure to change out your engine oil to refresh your engine a bit before thinking of running in winter this helps your helicopter run at maximum capacity. With a fresh oil change, you can find it starting up much easier on these cold days as well. 

It’s a well-known issue for batteries to take a bit of a hit during winter. Many of them have problems operating at high levels during winter because of the low temperatures. Thus checking your battery is very important and can be the difference between a smooth ride and dealing with more problems of running on a low battery in the cold.


Moisture can Cause the Most Problems During Winter

Winter lets the accumulation of moisture become much easier than during any other season. With this, any accumulation in your flight systems can become a serious flight hazard. Without the proper attention or care, it can wreak havoc on your sensing systems, including fuel systems, engine control systems, and possibly freeze it over depending on how low the temperature drops in your area.

It’s a good idea to check for moisture before heading out for a flight during winter and consider investing in a fuel system icing inhibitor if it becomes too much of an issue to help prevent any ice buildup.


Don’t Forget About Your Rotors!

As you know; rotors are definitely one of the most important parts of your helicopter- they are what get you off the ground and any issues with them can make flight range from difficult to impossible. Checking in on them and making sure they are working properly with perfect balance and no cracks is imperative to them working their best.

Your rotor balance affects everything from vibrations during your flight to how effective your engine works and flight performance is. A comprehensive rotor check-in is important before every winter flight to make sure the flight is as comfortable and safe as possible.  


Winter Gear is Always Good to Have

Sadly the weather isn’t completely predictable and so a good pilot knows its best to be prepared for each and every situation. Some general equipment and gear work for winter but the cold demands more specific items as well. Proper planning to have items such as cold-weather survival gear, emergency blankets, extra oil, flashlights, lighters, spare batteries, can be the deciding factor in an unexpected dangerous situation.


Get Winter Ready!

Get your helicopter in top shape for this upcoming winter season with RotorLink. Our experienced team can provide repairs and parts replacements to make sure you'e be ready for your next flight whether it’s 0°C or -30°C! 


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