Feb 20, 2023 - Manage Helicopter Fleets More Effectively - Bell Helicopter, Airbus/Eurocopter Helicopter and Agusta Westland/Leonardo

As the operations manager or chief mechanic, managing helicopter fleets effectively can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to keeping parts and spares, performing regular inspections, and securing a reliable source of spare parts. Following some essential tips and strategies, as the helicopter fleet manager or the chief mechanic, you can maintain your fleet in top shape, operate it safely, and make sure it performs at its peak. We can keep you informed proactively when specific parts and spares are available for the helicopters you own by opening a RotorLink account with us.

Keeping track of helicopter parts and spares is one of the critical tasks that you need to perform to ensure that your fleet operates without disruptions. The first step in parts and spares management is to create an inventory of where you may source all your parts and spares for the helicopters in your fleet. This inventory should include not only the parts and spares that are currently in use but also those that are in storage or on order and establish a system for ordering and receiving parts and spares. The inventory should be updated regularly to ensure that it reflects the current state of the fleet and availability from RotorLink. Make sure your operation includes a process and system for storing parts and spares. This system should include procedures for organizing and labeling parts and spares, tracking their location, and ensuring that they are stored in a suitable environment. Parts and spares should always be stored in a clean, dry, and secure location to prevent damage or contamination. Need help? Call us today to start your account and review your requirements for helicopter parts and spares. 

Check the condition of your helicopter, including critical parts and safety features, during your regular daily inspections, pre-flight inspections, and periodic inspections. Daily inspections are performed before each flight and include a visual inspection of the helicopter and its components. Pre-flight inspections are more detailed and include a more thorough examination of the helicopter's systems, controls, and instruments. Periodic inspections are performed at regular intervals, such as after a specified number of flight hours, and include a comprehensive examination of the helicopter's components and systems.

Inspections should be conducted at regular intervals, depending on the type of helicopter, its usage, and the operating environment. The purpose of inspections is to identify any potential issues with the helicopter, its components, or its systems and to take corrective action before they become more significant problems. RotorLink can provide you with high-quality parts and spares in a timely and cost-effective manner. We offer affordable fair prices, high helicopter parts availability, quality, and reputation. As a result, many helicopter operators and chief mechanics choose RotorLink for all their parts and spare requirements. 

Our goal at RotorLink Technical Services is to consistently exceed your expectations through innovative solutions for all aspects of rotor wings. RotorLink offers Bell helicopter spare parts for sale, Agusta Westland helicopter spare parts for sale, Leonardo helicopter parts for sale, and Airbus/Eurocopter helicopter spare parts for sale to operators all over Canada, US and the world, so there is no loss of productivity or reduction of services. 

Several suppliers and service providers have been vetted by our experts, and we work with them as partners. RotorLink has a rigorous quality control process that has been recognized by our peers and we have signed service agreements with a number of repair and overhaul shops in Canada and abroad. We sell all of our parts at or below market value, and they are appropriately certified and warrantied. Our Parts Support Program is not only a consignment program that helps sellers and buyers match across the industry and around the world, but we also carry an extensive inventory of parts. RotorLink's clients have expressed satisfaction and trust RotorLink to warehouse and sell their excess parts effectively.


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