Mar 28, 2023 - RotorLink Helicopter Evaluation Services

If you're thinking of buying a helicopter, it's important to ensure that you're making a wise investment by conducting an evaluation before making the purchase. We can determine whether a complete or partial evaluation would benefit you by contacting RotorLink to request a free consultation.


Our helicopter technicians can provide valuable information on similarly-equipped aircraft on the market, helping you make an informed decision. We can thoroughly inspect the entire structure, drive train, and dynamic components, looking for any signs of wear or damage that could compromise the safety of the aircraft you are considering to buy.


1. Provide information on similarly-equipped aircraft on the market

2. Thoroughly inspect the entire structure, drive train, and dynamic components

3. Review all technical records

4. Ensure compliance with all mandatory bulletins

5. Provide an unbiased evaluation report outlining the condition of the aircraft, including any deficiencies found and the estimated cost to repair them.


Additionally, our technicians can review the technical records and ensure compliance with mandatory bulletins, ensuring that the helicopter meets all necessary safety standards. After our evaluation, we can provide an unbiased report outlining the condition of the aircraft, including any deficiencies found and the estimated cost to repair them. Armed with this information, you'll be able to make an informed decision about the purchase and be confident that you're getting a safe aircraft at fair market value.


You can count on us to support you from purchase to maintenance to repair throughout the lifespan of your aircraft. By ensuring that your helicopter operates at peak performance and in the utmost safety for as long as possible, you will avoid lost productivity and reduction of service to your clients, as well as protect your bottom line. 


RotorLink Technical Services, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Dave Bohonis. Dave started his professional career as a sheet metal mechanic at Canadair in 1979, before going on to work at Eastern Aircraft and Structural Repairs, Boeing Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Eurocopter, Helipro and Vector Aerospace. He worked his way up from fixing helicopters on the shop floor to managing a team of over 150 employees as VP Marketing. Dave’s experience gives him unique insight into both what it takes to run a successful enterprise and what helicopter operators’ particular needs are. Today RotorLink is well known by operators in Canada, US and Worldwide.


RotorLink Technical Services, Inc. offers innovative solutions for all aspects of the rotor wing industry across Canada, US and Wordlwide. We source top quality Bell Helicopter, Airbus/Eurocopter Helicopter and Agusta Westland/Leonardo spare parts for clients around the globe, specializing in Bell 212, Bell 412, Airbus/Eurocopter AS350 helicopters, AS355 hellicopters, EC120, EC135 helicopter as well as AW119 spare parts. We also coordinate delivery, run a parts exchange program, and offer complete aircraft evaluation, consulting and brokerage services.


Overall, this evaluation is a valuable investment for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can get the biggest possible return on their investment by ensuring that their helicopter is in top condition, while buyers can be sure they're making a safe and wise investment. 


We got some deals for you this month!

Bendix King Nav Control
Part number: 071-1283-27
Condition: New
Serial number KFS564A-A7724
Trace: FAA 8130

Bendix King ADF Control
Part number: 071-1284-09
Condition: New
Serial number: KFS586A-A5593
Trace: FAA 8130

Indicator, Oil
Part number: 124-043
Condition: New
Serial number
Trace: FAA 8130

Indicator, Fuel Pressure
Part number: 124.044
Condition: New
Serial number
Trace: FAA 8130

Bell 412EP Transmission for Sale or Exchange:
Part number 412-040-004-143
Serial Number A- 698

New Bell 412 Master Caution Panel
Part Number 214-175-122-133
Serial Number 754

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