Apr 28, 2023 - We have Moved!

Langley, BC April 28, 2023.
RotorLink Technical Services Inc, a leader in the aerospace industry, announced today that it has relocated to a new facility at The Langley Regional Airport. The move will enable the company to further expand its operations.
The new facility at 5385 216th St is located in the brand-new tower building, features 12,800 square feet of warehouse space, which will allow the display of 15 newly acquired aircraft, including Airbus EC120, EC135, AS350, AS355, Bell 212 and Leonardo AW119 aircraft, as well as 2000 additional square feet of modern office space.
“I am thrilled to announce the move to this new facility. It feels like it was just yesterday that I doubled the workforce and purchased a 5000 square feet facility on Brown Street in Tilbury, Delta” said Dave Bohonis, president and founder of RotorLink Technical Services Inc.
RotorLink is a Canadian provider of aerospace parts with the reduce, reuse, recycle ideology. Having been in business for 19 years, the company has established a reputation for its parts reliability and quality, excellent customer service, and fast delivery.
More information about RotorLink Technical Services Inc. can be found at
Contact:       Dave Bohonis
Company:     RotorLink Technical Services Inc.
Address:       5385 216th St
                     Hangar 50, Unit 145
                      Langley, BC V2Y 2N3
Phone:          604-628-81889

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