May 17, 2023 - AW119 Koala Electronic Display Unit (EDU)

The AW119 Koala helicopter is an extremely reliable aircraft that has many applications in emergency medical services, law enforcement and utility operations. One essential component of its cockpit is the Electronic Display Unit (EDU), which serves to provide pilots with vital flight data. Electronic Display Units serve as the main interface between pilots and their helicopter's avionics systems, usually situated on the instrument panel within easy reach and view of flight crew members. The AW119 Koala EDU features a high-resolution, color multifunction display which displays flight data as well as pertinent information to pilots.

Attention AW119 Koala Operators
Electronic Display Unit Available for Outright Sale or Exchange
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The EDU is equipped with advanced technology designed to offer a user interface that's clear and intuitive, improving situational awareness while decreasing pilot workload. It displays numerous flight parameters including altitude, airspeed, vertical speed, attitude heading and navigation data - configurable so pilots can tailor which information they view based on mission requirements. AW119 Koala EDU can also display information from other systems, including engine parameters, fuel status, electrical systems and mission-specific data. This integration enables pilots to monitor vital systems real time and ensure maximum performance and safety during flight.

In addition to the EDU primary flight information display capabilities, the AW119 Koala EDU may come with an external camera feeds as a means of increasing situational awareness during search and rescue operations or law enforcement missions. Furthermore, pilots can easily interpret and act upon information received via its display screen. The EDU is designed to be sunlight readable, providing visibility even under direct sunlight conditions. Furthermore, its night vision compatibility enables pilots to operate their helicopter effectively during nighttime or low light operations.

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The AW119 Koala EDU represents an advanced advancement in helicopter cockpit technology, providing pilots with a user-friendly display system with intuitive features and extensive information capabilities that contribute to increased flight safety, operational efficiency and mission effectiveness.

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