Aug 22, 2023 - Airbus AS350/355 - Are you looking for rotor blades?

The Airbus AS350/AS355, commonly known as Ecureuil or Squirrel helicopters, are widely-renowned light utility helicopters known for their versatility and dependability. They belong to both single-engine rotorcraft categories as well as twin-engine rotorcraft; their use ranges from aerial surveillance, emergency medical services, law enforcement operations, corporate transportation as well as aerial photography missions due to their robust designs with advanced features. One of the AS350/AS355 series' hallmarks is their innovative rotor blade design. Their main rotor system utilizes a composite four-blade configuration, optimized to maximize lift generation efficiency while simultaneously minimizing noise levels. 

The AS350 entered service in 1975, quickly becoming popular due to its versatility, efficiency, and reliability. Over time, Airbus Helicopters released several variants and improvements to the original design, including different engine options, enhanced avionics capabilities, and increased performance capabilities. Airbus Helicopters recognized the demand for twin-engine variants and developed the AS355 TwinStar to meet it, featuring two engines to increase safety and performance in single engine failure scenarios. It first flew for the first time on June 18, 1979.

These helicopters soon gained widespread appeal not only within Europe but globally. Civilian operators, government agencies, and military forces alike appreciated their versatility and reliability. Airbus Helicopters continued to refine the AS350 and AS355 models through advances in technology, avionics, engines, materials and design to increase safety, performance and operational efficiency. Eurocopter was rebranded to Airbus Helicopters to align with Airbus Group corporate identity in 2013. Both AS350 and AS355 continued being offered under this new brand name.

Crafted with composite materials to balance strength and weight requirements for increased maneuverability and fuel efficiency. The chord length, measured from leading edge to trailing edge, contributes significantly to a helicopter's lifting capacity. On AS350/AS355, for instance, blade chord length averages 8.27 inches (21 centimeters). When combined with its rotational speed and pitch setting capabilities, this provides enough lift force against aircraft weight during flight.

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Airbus AS350/AS355 helicopters stand out due to their advanced rotor blade design, featuring four blades with carefully engineered chord lengths and airfoil profiles for exceptional performance characteristics. As such, these aircraft have become a favorite choice across various missions and industries. AS350/AS355 rotor blades boast an intricate airfoil cross-section designed for optimal lift production and airflow regulation, such as its use to regulate lift production.

By employing an airfoil that balances lift and drag characteristics, the rotor system optimizes performance across different flight regimes, such as hover to forward flight. The AS350/AS355 series helicopters feature rotor blades whose span, or distance from tip to tip, is dependent upon which model they belong to. On average, their span spans 32.8 feet (10 meters). This contributes significantly to creating a significant lifting envelope, enabling operations in tight spots or at high altitudes.





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