Mar 12, 2024 - Helicopter Inspection of Critical Parts - Be Summer Ready!

Helicopter operatorss face unique challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining and assuring the airworthiness of their aircraft. When summer approaches, demand for helicopter services typically increases for tourism purposes as well as emergency medical transport or aerial surveys; as a result, helicopter operatorss need to ensure that their aircraft are in peak condition in order to meet this increased demand and meet any heightened seasonal requirements. One of the primary aspects of helicopter maintenance is conducting an in-depth review of critical parts. These components range from main rotor systems, engine components and hydraulic systems through avionics and hydraulic systems - any failure in these could have devastating repercussions in terms of accidents as well as financial losses due to grounding of your helicopter.

In helicopter maintenance, certain components are prone to failure due to wear, stress, or environmental factors. Ensuring the availability of spare parts is essential for minimizing downtime and sustaining operational efficiency. Don't wait, contact RotorLink today to go over what specific parts your helicopter may benefit from having in stock. 


Summer months can be especially demanding on helicopters due to factors like increased flight hours, higher temperatures, and unpredictable weather conditions. Component wear and potential failure increases at this time. Helicopter operators should conduct comprehensive pre-season inspections for wear, corrosion or fatigue in critical parts so as to proactively address potential issues that could cause unexpected breakdowns and ensure the aircraft's continued reliability during this summer season. However, even with diligent maintenance practices in place, unexpected failure of parts is always possible. When this occurs, quickly replacing critical components is key to minimizing downtime and avoiding financial losses; unfortunately, finding replacements for less common or specialized components can often be time consuming and costly. RotorLink provides an effective solution. At RotorLink, we recognize the value of minimizing helicopter downtime and operational costs to our customers, which is why we specialize in stocking used and refurbished helicopter parts from traditional suppliers that may otherwise be hard to come by. By offering them at cost-effective prices with global shipping capabilities we provide helicopter operators a cost-effective means of keeping their aircraft flying.

What parts should I consider having spares for is a common question, while there isn't a definitive answer, here are some parts worth considering:

Main rotor blades are exposed to significant stresses during flight, leading to wear, fatigue and potential damage from foreign object debris (FOD). Regular inspections for cracks, delamination and erosion should be conducted - spare blades should also be kept handy so you can quickly replace damaged ones if necessary.

Turbine engines in helicopters are complex systems made up of numerous wear-prone components, such as turbine blades, compressor blades and seals. Regular inspections, maintenance and timely replacement of worn parts is crucial to prevent engine failures and engine malfunction.

Helicopter transmissions transfer power from the engine to critical components like the main rotor and other essential elements, like gears, shafts, bearings and seals that wear over time and fatigue easily. Therefore it's wise to keep spare transmission components on hand in case any unexpected problems arise - an additional benefit can come in form of quicker repairs should any potential issues arise quickly.

Modern helicopters rely heavily on avionics systems for navigation, communication and systems monitoring. Avionics components like sensors, displays and communication equipment may experience electrical faults or malfunction due to environmental conditions; keeping spare units ensures continuity in case something goes wrong.

Hydraulic systems play an integral part in helicopters, such as flight controls, landing gear, and rotor brake systems. Components such as pumps, actuators, hoses and valves may experience wear, leaks and contamination which necessitate maintaining an inventory of spare hydraulic parts to quickly address wear issues while upholding system integrity.

Our inventory features main rotor blades and transmission components as well as hydraulic parts from main rotor rotor systems and transmission. Each item goes through rigorous quality assurance testing to provide our customers with confidence in the parts they buy from us.

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