Asset Management

RotorLink Technical Services sources bona fide parts for resale. Many parts are new special order items excess to supplier’s requirements. Parts represented for sale have appropriate certification.

When an aircraft part breaks, operators tend to get a bit frantic, and rightfully so. They don't always need parts between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Their aircraft isn't always broken down in a convenient location. And the part they need isn't always one that the nearest shop has in inventory. Our volume of parts selling and buying has given us plenty of exposure to the problems of the aircraft parts supply business. It's also given us some ideas of how to avoid those problems.

One of the best of these ideas is RotorLink’s Parts Support Program, a place where operators, repair shops, manufacturers, and distributors can consign their excess parts through a cooperative parts network.

RotorLink Technical Services established an effective system of locating and distributing slow moving, unusual and hard-to-find helicopter parts. Since its inception RotorLink has accumulated inventory for a wide variety of helicopters.

Those who have put parts into the program are attesting to their satisfaction and trust in RotorLink’s ability to effectively warehouse and market their excess parts.

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