Aircraft Evaluations

When you are planning to purchase or sell an aircraft, we provide you with an extremely valuable service. We understand market conditions and the effect the market has on an aircrafts’ value.

We will:

1.      Provide information of similarly equipped aircraft on the market

2.      Inspect the airframe for damage and review historical records

3.      Ensure compliance of all mandatory bulletins

4.      Provide an unbiased evaluation report outlining the condition of the aircraft

Buyers can rely on every evaluation report supplied by RotorLink Technical Services. We thoroughly examine the entire structure, drive train, technical records and dynamic components and provide a list of any deficiencies found, so that you, the buyer, will know exactly what you are getting. The advantage to the buyer is clear, RotorLink provides you with an evaluation report and with estimated costs to repair any deficiencies found, thus arming the buyer with an effective tool to negotiate the actual selling price.

Sellers can also benefit from our services. Once we have completed our report on your aircraft, you will have to opportunity to rectify any discrepancies before showing the aircraft. By proceeding in this manner, you will be assured of getting the biggest return possible on your equipment.

Whether you are the buyer or seller, you are dealing with an organization with a reputation for integrity and honesty.

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